Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Musical Genius Defined

Born on 27th of January, 1756, Salzburg , Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart commonly referred to as Mozart shaped the growth and future of classical music by his wonderful talents as a song composer, pianist and a player of many other instruments. He had learned playing piano when he was just three years of age and by the time he was 6 he began to play in public. The iconic artist and Austrian music composer was able to create a string of operas, sonatas, symphonies, concertos and many others that played a huge role in shaping what would later be called Classical music. He composed 600 classical works and up to date he is esteemed as one of the greatest composers of all time. His versatility and diversity in all musical creations and platforms associated with Classical music has brought him great honor even unto this day.

Classical music is an artistic kind of a music that is produced or created from the traditions of Western music, whether religious or secular. Mozart’s steps towards growing in classical music dated back in the 1760s and that is why he is seen to be one of the main artists who developed classical music because classical music saw foundation and growth from the 1750s to 1820s. Classical music has been recognized for its ability to appreciate highly sophisticated instrumental music such as the concerto, symphonies, sonata and a mixture of vocals and instrumental styles such as opera of which when these kind of music is written down can reach very high complexity levels. Classical music is written using musical language of notations and leads to creation of a musical part that informs about the rhythm, pitch, and the coordination acceptable where many singers are performing together. It’s one of the most orderly music genres ever.

His music was marked with vivid emotions and complicated and sophisticated textures after aligning himself with various European venues and patrons. Mozart took to the steps of his parents who were also musical and greatly gifted in the art of music. Mozart being the only surviving child to his parents, Leopold and Maria, he learned music from his father. Leopold was a great music composer, violinist and assistant concert master at the Salzburg court. Mozart showcased his excellency in the understanding of music as he was able to compose as early as five years old. Wolfgang was taken for a long journey to Italy by Leopold his father who had accepted and was proud of his wonderful artistic abilities and aimed to showcase his son’s amazingly excellent performances to as many people as he could arrange for. He continued to grow in music and at 21, he had been appointed as assistant concert master in the church they were worshiping which gave him an avenue to interact with some instrumentals that he was not familiar with. Up to date, Mozart’s compositions and instrumentals are termed as one of the best classical music ever. Though Wolfgang died an early death, at 35, he and his father had touched the world with music that would build a legacy for them to be remembered and honored many years, many decades and several centuries after their departure from the face of the world.


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